Skills & Ability


I have been appointed as a leader by club advisor for Volunteer Day (Hari Sukarelawan) in UiTM. I have developed leadership skills in managing and organizing those program. With experience I have, I know I can be a good employee in your organization. I can work under pressure and cooperate with others employees. These are the evidence to show my leadership skills.

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leader hari sukarelawan leader hari sukarelawan2


I also developed my teamwork skill through program Kepimpinan Survival Bangsa (MKSB). In this program, I learned to complete any task as a team. Work together, brainstorming together to complete any task given, to find solutions for any problems. I believe I can build trust and teamwork with other employees to strive better for the company

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mksb mksb1 mksb2 mksb3

Computer Skills

Microsoft Office Word: 95% completed

Microsoft Office Power Point: 85% completed

Microsoft Office Excel: 70% completed

HTML: 50% completed


Malay: 100% completed

English: 75% completed

Mandarin: 50% completed

Arabic: 65% completed